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29th and 30th August, 2016 9AM - 6PM

Tesla Cars, Bubble Soccer, Basketball, Soccer, Lego, and Hip-hop

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“My two daughters have been going to Leaderboard for a few years now! Enough said.

We love their After-School program because it is very well balanced with homework-supervision as well as extracurricular activities. We have a very busy schedule and so knowing that the homework is definitely taken care of just in case you are not able to spend time on that one evening is a big relief. Also, because the homework is usually completed, our time with kids in the evening is spent much more meaningfully discussing and interacting about their day at school and what they learned. This is one way that Leaderboard helps me spend precious quality time with my girls.

Talking about extracurricular activities – their normal schedule includes activities like arts, dance, crafts, sports, etc. There are other specialized on premise classes you can enroll in which are great if you don't want to be driving around separately for pickup and drop off at some other location. The owners of Leaderboard are very kind and are genuinely down to earth to deal with. There have been many times when I was late for pickup or in many (many) cases they had to make special arrangements to pickup my girls from school, and all you hear is ‘no problem’! You can't beat that level of focus on customer service. Both owners have an MBA degree from very good schools and just by talking to them you know that their motivations and outlook are very mature and informed. And that also reflects in the awesome teachers they hire to guide the kids.

My son, (our third child) is not old enough yet but for us it's very clear that he is going to Leaderboard as well. After all we want our kids in the best care available in Fremont.

Why am I writing this? We have experienced lack of professionalism and focus on customer service at several other alternatives in the area, and finally we found a great place to trust our daughters with. And for that reason, we firmly believe that Leaderboard is the best after-school for my daughters. Your kids will love it!”

- Parent of 1st grade and 5th grade students at
Chadbourne Elementary School

“We can clearly see that after attending Leaderboard Summer Camp my son (5th grade) is a completely transformed person with vastly improved maturity and knowledge. We liked the program structure with focus on academics in the fore-noon session and sports and other activities in the afternoon session. Periodic field trips also enhanced the knowledge and exposure of my son. I was really impressed by the academics; in Global knowledge he learnt very relevant topics such as GDP, trade deficits etc. He was also exposed to banking and other basic topics on economics which we as parent would not even think of discussing with him.
We were extremely happy with the well kept school premises and very cordial staff. Every staff member took excellent care of every child. They were also keen on getting feedback on various activities to ensure the child and parents were happy with the course structure including sport and field trip activities.
Overall we as parent and our child are extremely happy with Leaderboard. And yes our son is now enrolled in the After School program and we have already reserved a seat for the next summer session in 2015.”

- Parent of 5th grade student in
Mission Valley Elementary School

“My son (kindergarten) had a very good time at Leaderboard this summer. It was a good mix of academics and extra-curricular activities such as singing, dancing, art & crafts as well as field trips. I particularly liked their sports sessions -basketball and soccer. The instructed group games helped inculcate appreciation of rules of the game as well as introduce concepts of structure and teamwork. The staff was very good. They were friendly and were always available to answer our questions and concerns. My son enjoyed his time at Leaderboard very much and in his words, “it is the best school ever”. I will definitely come back next summer.”

- Parent of Kindergarten student at
Forest Park Elementary

“Our older one has been going to Leaderboard after school for more than 3 years now. By the time I picked her up she would have completed her homework from school -huge plus. Our kindergartener also joined this year and she has nothing but good things to say about her teacher and the school.
Aside from the regular classes that are part of the package, they have added more classes in performing arts, sports etc. which are add on and given they are in the same campus, we are able to take advantage of them. My daughter loves basketball and we hear good things about the coach as well. My younger one loves her dance class. Being able to take advantage of the above classes taught by good teachers under the same roof is a good thing for my kids as I know that will put their time to the best use.
Additionally, Leaderboard is open when the district is closed for breaks, which becomes a huge convenience for working parents.I see my kids happy when I pick them up and I know I can always count on the owners should issues come up as I know them for a good amount of time now. Over the years I have seen them grow multifold in terms of number of students.”

- Parent of Kindergarten and 5th grade students at
Chadbourne Elementary

“My 8 year old daughter attended the Summer Camp at Leaderboard and loved every aspect of it – field sports, global awareness, field trips and music comprehension besides the academics. While she plays badminton regularly, it was good for her overall athleticism to play a variety of sports – soccer, basketball and baseball etc. She had a blast with the sports. The positive impact of global awareness was very much evident when she would ask me if I knew that China was producing most goods in the world or if I knew that a robot reached Mars and was exploring it. Right from the beginning, the focus on communication and presentation skills were manifest in the kids and they were encouraged to interact with a room full of peers whether to introduce themselves or to explain how they would convince their parents to buy them an iphone etc. I am really looking forward to my daughter taking the public speaking classes during the after-school program.
The founders have great ideas on how to engage, entertain and educate kids; The professional business background, creativity and passion they bring to Leaderboard is bound to make it a preferred destination for kids’ afterschool care in Fremont. I am looking forward to having my daughter benefit from Leaderboard’ enlightened approach to after-school care”

- Parent of 3rd grade student at
Chadbourne Elementary School

“My 3rd grade daughter is happy and is enjoying herself at the After School. Besides homework help, the program provides academic enrichment in English, Math and Science that stretches students to next level. I’m very happy with the public speaking program which helps in personality development. The overall program structure is very good and my daughter is learning many new things. The teachers are very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend the program”

- Parent of 3rd grade student in
Mission San Jose Elementary School

“My kids have been going to Leaderboard After School since last 1 year. I moved from another afterschool program as I felt that the environment in the earlier afterschool was too casual and it wasn’t having a positive effect on my daughter.
My daughter who started Kinder last year wasn’t independent enough. Her transition from a preschool environment to a regular school environment has been very smooth, and I strongly feel that Leaderboard played an important role in this.. She is very fond of his teacher at Leaderboard. She is really good with kids and is very patient. My kids don’t want to come back from Leaderboard and they are always complaining if I go early to pick them up in the evening. Their program is well balanced and they are great in academics. My daughter has also enjoyed the summer camp thoroughly and I strongly recommend Leaderboard for great environment, very good teachers and academics.
My son loved the soccer and the chess class and he loved the Lego Robotics class he took in the summer camp.”

- Parent of Kindergarten and 2nd grade students at
Gomes Elementary School

“Thank you Leaderboard, for providing a wonderful summer program for our son (G1). We know that this program has given him the jump start he needs for his first grade. His experience at Leaderboard was transforming. Thank you so much for providing the ultimate setting for him to learn in, to see his own strengths and to begin to work to meet his own potential. He loved the teachers, students and the various activities. He sings the songs he learned even in his sleep! And often times he’s mentioned that he wanted us to pick him up as late as we possibly could. Leaderboard is great, that we feel very fortunate to have discovered. He’ll be back for sure.”

- Parent of 1st grade student at
Mission San Jose Elementary School

“My son took Leaderboard’ summer camp last year, the curriculum was very rich and my son spent a meaningful summer. This year we attend the Leaderboard aftershcool program, the teachers are very responsible and caring for the students. My son took the afterschool Monday to Thursday because he usually takes Chess class Friday at his elementary school. Today I forget this Friday is a early day and I am at work, cannot find anybody to pick him up. I called Leaderboard, they are very eager to help and send someone to my son’s home school to pick him up. The school really cares about the students and the neigborhood. I highly recommend this afterschool.“

- Parent of 1st grade student at
Hirsch Elementary School

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