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Free 2 Day Camp* !!!

29th and 30th August, 2016 9AM - 6PM

Tesla Cars, Bubble Soccer, Basketball, Soccer, Lego, and Hip-hop

* Conditions Apply

Basketball Coaching, 3-6

Last year, the completion of the junior sized, blue top, floodlit basketball court has enthralled and engaged children all through the year. It is a very popular sport at LeaderBoard , and the students are very excited about the facility.

The floodlights allow children to play the sport all through the year, even during the winter season, with very early sunset times.

LeaderBoard partners with ‘Rebound Academy' to deliver the program. Rebound Academy delivers coaching programs in many school districts, and with various city administrations across the bay area.

Clothes and Shoes: Sports shoes are a Must. Clothing: comfortable for sports.

Program Schedule and Fees:
  • From: ------- to -------
  • Day and Time: TBD
  • Fees - TBD
  • Cancellation – Fees are non-refundable after the 2nd class of the program.
  • LeaderBoard reserves the right to change program times; and schedule make-up classes

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