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Art and Drawing, K-3

Art and Drawing program is highly rated for:
  • Students learning sketching and coloring skills from the beginner level
  • Progressively moving ahead in use of colors and mediums, as the students progress on their skills
  • Being able to adapt to different level of art skills of students and provide relevant skill level projects
  • The program is for Kindergarten to 3rd grade students.
  • Students assessed at beginner level, will learn the basics of Art, and other students will be given relevant skill level projects.
Art Program - beginner Level:
  • Learn the first few elements of drawing: Lines, Shapes, Textures etc… this will help the children learn the basic skills needed for any Art project.
  • Learn the Golden Rules of Art
  • Importance of good pencils, Sketch book and erasers... types of pencils to be used in shading and also learn the ’use of pressure’
  • Different four tones of Shading...darkest to lightest
  • Different types of shading, Stippling, Line shading and Cross Hatching. Shading with mixed mediums like pencil shading and oil pastels in one drawing that gives them a sense of differentiation.
  • Strokes, hand movement to start a sketch, learn to draw the basic shapes (like circle, for an orange etc,) before starting a drawing, body posture etc.
  • Learn object drawing – draw an apple
  • Learn about different mediums Crayons, Oil Pastel, Pencil Shading, Water color pencils etc.
  • Object drawing, students will learn to sketch the basic shape and then color
  • Learn about textures and how they feel, about softness, smoothness and etc…
  • Learn about blending two colors such as orange and yellow, and making a new color that looks smoothly blended, without any white space in between. Use strokes to sketch sleeping and standing lines and not mix them together.
  • Learn multiple object drawing. Color a fruit bowl with water color pencils and then blend it with water and brush to give a completely different texture.
For students, with advanced skills, the program focuses on following skills with relevant projects:
  • Learn more about hand movements and body postures
  • Overlapping, Forefront and background
  • Positive space and negative space in drawing
  • Proportions
  • Perspective
  • ‘One Object Drawing’, leading onto multiple object drawing.
  • Learning different mediums, such as Crayons, Oil Pastels, Water colors, Color pencils etc...
  • Mixed medium
  • Human proportions
  • Free drawing, to explore and experiment with the skills learned
Program Requirements:

All art supplies for the program are to be provided by parents. It is the responsibility of the students and the parents to bring all art supplies to the class.

By the 2nd class, all students shall get the following supplies. Additional supplies will be intimated by the teacher, as we progress in the program

  • I. A spiral sketch book
  • II. Pencils: 2B, 8B Or 6B
  • II. A pack of oil pastels
  • IV. Eraser and sharpener
Program Schedule and Fees:
  • From: ------- to -------
  • Day and Time: TBD
  • Fees - TBD
  • Cancellation – Fees are non-refundable after the 2nd class of the program

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